How to Promote M4rix offers with traffic


M4trix offers a plethora of private offers, ranging from health and beauty to E-commerce, covering the full spectrum of payout models. We control the entire flow from supply to local delivery and customer support, allowing us to deliver unmatched performance for your traffic.

  • Selection of offers is available worldwide. We specialize in exclusive “never seen before” in the industry geos, with an emphasis on hyper-profitable countries such as the EMENA area. Our affiliates experience instant profit testing in these non-saturated markets.
  • Smart Link Technology dynamically matches each click with the most enhanced intelligence to maximize your performance. Languages, currencies, creatives, processors and cross platform performance are optimized in near real-time.
  • Focus on the personal relationships with each of our affiliates, providing a full suite of resources and a close one on one relationship to make you profitable. Localized advertorials flow, market analysis and creatives are standard assets we provide for each campaign. Already running high volume? Take the red pill and double your EPC.

Tracking M4trix Offers

If using a different tracker, simply copy and paste this onto the end of your Offer’s URL.


Postback url, appends


From M4Trix

A Private Affiliate Network opening up our own offers.

Everything in the M4TRIX is 100% owned and controlled by us, which allows to offer higher performance and payouts for our Affiliates.

Every network will claim the “Higher EPC” and “Higher Payout” thing, realistically speaking, the more intermediary there is, the more people need to get paid and the less there is left for the affiliate at the end of the chain. When dealing with the M4TRIX Network, you are talking directly with the advertiser, you are the only one in the chain!

We own and control multiple offers ranging from High Scale Worldwide E-Commerce to Health & Beauty in Exclusive Geos.

Inside the M4TRIX you’ll get the choice between the classic Pay Per Sale model or our Cash On Delivery offers (Pay Per Lead) in Private Geos such as North Africa and the Middle East. We are the only advertiser in the space, these offers and geos can not be found anywhere else.

The M4TRIX aim to revolutionize the industry with a more transparent relationship and access to new untapped markets. We focus on the personal relationship, we provide localized Pre-Sell and resources to get you started and profitable.

Our payment terms are Weekly Net4. Faster payouts are available for Hyper Affiliate generating $100.000+ per day.

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