Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program)

VPP means “Volume Purchase Program”. The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase your apps in volume and distribute them within their organizations. Contract developers can also offer customized apps to customers who have a Volume Purchase Program for Business account.

It is said ‘Whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute apps and books to meet your every business need’. It just a way to help our customer distribute our App. Customers need to register an account from Apple to use it first. Then “Using an MDM solution, assign apps directly to your devices or invite users to participate if distributing via Apple ID.”

Develop Custom Apps for Business

It allow you to engage with business customers to design and build customized apps that work best for them. Custom B2B apps are delivered privately through the Volume Purchase Program. You can distribute to authorized buyers that you identify, giving your business customers privacy and security.

Customize Apps

Meet the unique needs of businesses by privately offering custom B2B apps to Volume Purchase Program for Business members.

  • Tailored look and feel, such as company logo or branding
  • Specific functionality for a business process or workflow
  • Special configuration for IT environments
  • Security features for sensitive or private company data
  • Custom features for partners, dealers, or franchises

Distribute Privately

Custom apps are distributed privately to authorized Volume Purchase Program for Business members that you identify in iTunes Connect. Customers sign in and purchase their apps on the Volume Purchase Program store.

Submit as B2B apps

Setup and develop is the same as normal apple store ones. Only the submit is a little different. Select the custom B2B distribution option in iTunes Connect. If your app contains sensitive data, provide sample data and authentication for our review team.

What Business Customers Need to Do

  • Enroll: Once your customer has a volume purchasing account with Apple, they can easily buy apps that meet their business needs, and get custom B2B apps you’ve built for them.
  • Purchase: Custom B2B apps will appear in your customer’s Volume Purchase Program account. Customers select the app and enter the quantity they want to purchase on the Volume Purchase Program store
  • DistributeYour business customers can use third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to help manage and distribute their apps. Or they can provide redemption codes to their users via email or an internal website.